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Imagine waking up one morning and all your limiting beliefs have changed. You no longer have money blocks, or issues around self worth, or your body image, career or relationships.
At first glance this might seem amazing.

But the reality is, that it would be like waking up in a different room, with a different haircut, and clothes and shoes that aren’t your usual style. Everything feels strange and odd.

Occasionally we do make quantum leaps but most of the time we, and our clients, make shifts so gradually that sometimes we or they don’t notice until something acts a reminder of how things used to be.

It’s OK! In fact, it may be desirable. As practitioners we might want to see big shifts in our clients (question why that is), but big shifts can be acutely uncomfortable (huge healing crisis anyone?) Often the smaller shifts are more sustainable and a lot easier to live with.

As I always say to trainees “let go of the outcome”.

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