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Last week was an EFT event in Spain, at the Hotel Eden Roc on the Costa Brava in Spain Hotel in Costa Brava – Eden Roc by Brava Hoteles (, about 90 minutes up the coast from Barcelona.

I had the idea for this event last July and I had no idea how many people would want to make the journey for it, but I went ahead and found a venue and booked it anyway. In the event there were 17 of us, all female EFT practitioners (although men would have been very welcome), with a variety of experiences and lots of additional skills.

I had been recommended the hotel by a friend who works on big retreats that are held there, and I since discovered that they are accustomed to events such as ours – training courses and retreats. The venue is spectacular, with the rocky coastline alongside the hotel and stunning sunrises, reflecting off the buildings.

I realise now that my greatest concern was everyone arriving on time without delays. Once we were all at the hotel I found that I could relax. Something I have learned from running retreats in the past is the importance of having a helper, and my friend and fellow EFT practitioner, Wendy, was the person I asked. She also delivered a fabulous session about working with birth trauma.

It is now over 4 years since I held an in-person training or event, and it is hard to describe the feeling of being in a physical space with a group of like-minded people. I think I was not alone feeling that and it truly was a very special event.

I am not one for many rules, but I did ask that people didn’t take photos during the sessions or of anyone in the group without consent. Sometimes I think the preoccupation with calculating what would make a great photo can prevent us from being truly present. Everyone was very respectful of this and the only group shot is the one here, taken with everyone’s consent that option to sit it out if anyone didn’t want to be photographed.

The time we had was split into six sessions. The first on neuro-regulation techniques and an understanding of the nervous system, and how clients may present in different states. We engaged in some regulation activities too, which generated a good deal of laughter. This was followed by a session on working with events and the younger self with a demonstration, which led on nicely to working with birth trauma, informed by Wendy’s 30 plus years as a midwife.

The next day we spent the morning discussing working with chronic disease, and area that many practitioners shy away from, but which can crop up with coaching clients. Maria shared her moving account of cancer last year and how EFT had helped her through each stage of treatment.

In the afternoon, Jo led an inspirational session on clearing money blocks which included some picture tapping.

I should say that each session was interspersed with energy techniques, magical day tapping and music and dancing. It was really fun!

The final morning we formed a circle in the bay window and spent a while sharing ideas on marketing  and promoting EFT which was incredibly useful. We finished with an Ask Me Anything session, which was something like Supervision, and the answers to the Fun Facts quiz (every participant had a shared a fun fact before the event).

For me it was a complete joy to spend this time with beautiful people in a stunning location and an honour that they had made the investment in time, money and energy to be there. Every single one of them inspired me in some way. Some were dealing with serious and chronic health conditions, so travel is a considerable undertaking for them. Others would describe them a introverts and it took a huge leap of confidence to get on a plane and travel to a place to meet a group of strangers. Everyone has overcome some sort of adversity in their life (which is, of course, why they became EFT practitioners). I learned from all of them and the whole event has spurred me on to do more. I am brimming with ideas since I returned home.

The feedback from everyone was that the CONNECTION with others was the most heart-warming part of the experience. For me, a large part of this was that everyone felt safe enough to be vulnerable and in turn, they shared their true amazing authentic selves.

We are all still in touch via a WhatsApp group and sharing pet photos and birthday celebrations. I hope we continue to be friends.

Will this be the last EFT event like this? Definitely not! I already have plans for another, but not until 2025. Perhaps you will join me.

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