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Using EFT with Cancer

How EFT can be used with Cancer

For many practitioners of EFT, the prospect of working with people who have a diagnosis of cancer is quite daunting.

Most of us have first or second hand experience of cancer, but our own beliefs and experiences can affect our ability to support clients in a calm manner and maintain detachment from our own experiences.

During this workshop you will have an opportunity to:

  • Use EFT to clear your own anxiety about working with cancer clients
  • Discover how to work gently with clients on the trauma of the diagnosis on themselves and their loved ones
  • Support clients in discussing their diagnosis with family, friends and colleagues
  • Learn how to explore beliefs around self-healing, blame, and their body
  • Develop ways for your clients to self-regulate between sessions as well as prior and during medical appointments and treatments
  • Become familiar with the frequent trigger points for those experiencing cancer
  • Find ways to offer a safe space for clients to express their deepest fears

You may see "Working with Cancer" and think, "Oh, no thank you. That's not my niche!" And, that may be true; but, sadly is a fact of life in the current state of the world. The chances are that no matter your niche, you are going to have a client who gets cancer, had cancer, has a family member with a diagnosis or lost a family member to it. All of these aspects of support are covered in this brilliant workshop. As always, Mary-Jane doesn't just talk or teach, but creates a space for meaningful conversation that leads to ah-ha's of all sorts, deep understanding and maybe even some self discovery! You may not WANT to work with cancer as the corner stone of your practice, but you will probably come across it at some point and Mary-Jane is the perfect person to help you feel prepared if the event it does.

Gina Gibson

About Mary-Jane

Mary-Jane is an EFT Master Trainer and Supervisor with the EFT & Mindfulness Centre.  She had a cancer diagnosis in 2001 and has since worked with many clients who are going through that process, as well as other chronic health conditions. She sees that many practitioners are wary of working with serious disease and has formulated this workshop to fill that space, so that EFT practitioners can bring this amazing technique to support those with cancer and their families through these challenging times.

To learn more about Mary-Jane, you may want to watch this interview with Imelda Riddell
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Forthcoming Dates

Forthcoming dates:

Friday 17th May 2024 from 9.30am to 5.15pm

This course is accredited by the EFT & Mindfulness Centre, which demonstrates that the content has been approved for 7 hours of CPD.

Who is this for?

This workshop is ideal for anyone who is a certified EFT practitioner to Level 2, whether actively practising with clients or not. A sound knowledge of working with traumatic events using the Gentle Techniques, Tell the Story or the Movie Technique or Matrix Reimprinting is required.

Is it right for me?

If you are not sure whether this workshop is right for you, let’s have a chat. Drop me an email at moc.r1709466116enoit1709466116itcar1709466116p-tfe1709466116@niar1709466116t1709466116 and we can arrange a good time to speak by phone or via Zoom.


The cost of the workshop is £117.

What’s included:

  • Comprehensive handout
  • Copy of the slides