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How do you feel before an appointment with a new practitioner? Remember that new clients may be feeling nervous before a first session, whether online or in person. Many people coming for EFT will be experiencing anxiety so giving them some idea of what to expect can really help with preparing clients before the first appointment. It will build rapport with your client before you even meet.

One great idea is to make a short video of how they will arrive at your clinic (this is especially helpful if the entrance isn’t immediately obvious – I have gone into wrong doors numerous times when showing up for appointments at new places!). You can also show them what the waiting area and clinic room looks like so they know what to expect, even down to details such as where you sit and where they will sit. Perhaps sit in their chair and show them what they will be able to see. It is also really helpful to video yourself, talking to camera about what happens in the first session.

If the client is expected to wait until you come for them in a waiting area, let them know that too, as well as whether it is ok to pour some water or make a drink if the facilities are there. Many “good girl and boy” clients don’t want to do things wrong. I have been “told off” in the past by practitioners for not waiting in the right place – my psychic abilities must have failed me on those days! It certainly did make me want to return.

People love a video and this can be a great way to introduce clients to you and to your space. Put yourself in your client’s shoes for a moment and think what they might want to know before they arrive.

If you are working online most people these days are familiar with online meetings, but if they are not, record a video showing them how to join a meeting with you. A video explaining how you work online, and what they should bring with them, and anything other recommendations is also useful. Things such as having tissues, water, and asking other people not to interrupt them etc. You can record this from your work space so they can see what to expect and how you will look during the session. If you use Zoom, you can record videos of yourself very easily.

The more we can put clients at ease before they arrive for the first appointment, the better this session is likely to go.

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