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Practitioner Workshops

A range of additional workshops

We offer a range of unique, affordable workshops for EFT practitioners to enhance their skills with EFT in specific areas. These workshops are Accredited for Continuing Professional Development by the EFT & Mindfulness Centre

Using EFT with Cancer

This unique one day workshop will give you the knowledge and skills to work with clients who are going through cancer, or who have in the past. you will have an opportunity to work on your own fears and concerns too.

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Using EFT with Menopause

You are an EFT Practitioner, and you or your clients are experiencing symptoms of menopause. You want to know more about how to work on these issues and some of the common underlying issues that arise at this time in life.

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Using EFT with Children

Are you an EFT practitioner who would love to work with children?

This workshop will give you answers to safely structure sessions with children and build rapport with and parents.

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Using EFT with Groups

This workshop answers all the questions you might have about setting up, structuring and finding clients for your EFT groups. From venue to keeping attendees safe, it is all covered here.

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Money Manifesting & Mindset

This workshop helps practitioners to get more clarity around money, to understand their blocks to manifesting and to begin the process of clearing these.

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