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Level 1 EFT Foundation (CLICK HERE)

More dates coming soon

Level 2 EFT Practitioner Training (CLICK HERE)

Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July 2024

Level 3 Advanced EFT Training (CLICK HERE)

Half days on:
21st/22nd and 28th/29th September 2024 LIVE ONLINE

Supervision for Practitioners (CLICK HERE)

Held regularly for 2 hours with the next available dates being:

1st June 2024 – 10am UK
6th July 2024 – 4pm UK
3rd August 2024 – 10am UK
31st August 2024 – 4pm UK

Money Manifesting & Mindset (CLICK HERE)

Friday 11th October 2024

Using EFT with Groups (CLICK HERE)

More 2024 dates coming soon

Using EFT with Menopause (CLICK HERE)

More 2024 dates coming soon

Using EFT with Cancer (CLICK HERE)

More 2024 dates coming soon

Why choose EFT?

You have probably heard of Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping, as a way to manage stress, reduce anxiety, overcome phobias and even to lose weight. Many people are surprised that something so simple can be so powerful, but, used correctly, gently tapping on specific points on your head, body and hands can have amazing results.

EFT tapping videos and books are widely available, but the impact of working with a competent practitioner takes this therapy into another dimension.

I love working with clients on a one to one basis, in particular to support them with chronic illness, or pain, or women who are experiencing a challenging menopause.

Why EFT Training?

Many holistic therapists, hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, coaches and complementary health practitioners have undertaken EFT training and find it a great addition to their existing range of therapies. It has the great advantage of being something you can teach to your clients for them to help themselves between sessions as well as enabling your other therapies to work at a more profound level.

Some trainees are looking for a career change, working in a field that will help others and which feels more meaningful. The prospect of becoming self-employed is often appealing and I have that covered with additional courses and mentoring to support you.

Others have used or heard of EFT and are interested in deepening their knowledge of it, perhaps for their own use or to support friends and family members.

Whichever category you are in, you are very welcome!

Why train with me?

  • I have worked as a holistic practitioner since 2006 and been an EFT trainer since 2016
  • A small group environment enables time for questions and interaction
  • I get to know every trainee personally, which enables me to support you through this journey
  • My courses are a little longer than many, enabling plenty of time to practise
  • During the course, an experienced practitioner is available for additional one to one support
  • I am available for questions, one to one chats and mentoring forever
  • You can choose to have a Buddy to coach you through your case studies
  • You have a lifetime’s access to a support forum
  • Your course fee includes are transparent and include case study assessment, a one to one supervision session and exam marking
  • Clear, easy communication, catering for all learning styles
  • Online training is available from the comfort of your home with no travel expenses
  • The Zoom format allows working in pairs in breakout rooms, private messages in the chat and for sessions to be recorded
  • You can elect to work with me on a one to one basis for personal issues or coaching

See EFT in Action

From My Blog

I would recommend this course a very worthwhile and positive experience, what ever your reasons for signing up!

C M, Croydon

Great participants, amazing course content. I felt safe and accepted.

A. K. Haywards Heath

The course was delivered with passion, humility, care, sensitivity and humour. The training helped me believe in me. It was perfect; beyond expectations.

E A, Sussex UK

The informal and authentic style of delivery made it much easier to learn as well as fun! I felt very looked after and supported. Thank you! It was an excellent course and probably life-changing.

S O, Eastbourne

The last four days have been life changing for me. I came to it with little knowledge of EFT and I have had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Mary-Jane was the most amazing trainer and giver of herself to this whole learning experience. Amazing people, perfect venue but mostly Mary-Jane herself made this experience what it was. I can't thank her enough.

K J Mid Sussex

The 4 days last week that I spent doing this EFT course with Mary-Jane have for me probably been the most productive days that I have ever had. My life was at a standstill and I felt there was no way forward until I came here. I have been on a journey which has been hard but has now given me the skills to move forward and seek out a new direction.

A H, Kent

Doing this course has been a real milestone in my career as a health practitioner. I have found Mary-Jane to be an inspiration and excellent mentor. She is keen to support further learning in workshops and an active member in our FB group. I did a workshop after the initial course and MJ tailored the day to what we needed. I feel the workshops are an excellent opportunity to learn from Mary-Jane and other trainees and keep the momentum going.

K.S, Worthing

The support since training has been wonderful! I know you are always there with a quick response if I am stuck or need any help or advice! The regular meet ups have been really helpful and I feel 100% supported along my journey to becoming an EFT practitioner and also whilst practising

A H, East Sussex

I trained in EFT with Mary-Jane in February 2019.
I also did her practice building course and had a couple of sessions with her too.
I’m the sort of person who does lots of courses but never actually uses what I’ve learned except for family and friends.
During these difficult Covid times Mary-Jane urged us to put ourselves out there as we have a wonderful skill which can help many people in need.
I made some less than professional videos which really made me doubt myself.
Mary-Jane’s encouragement and enthusiasm really spurred me on.

I Just came back from my local Co-Op. One of the women working there said “Oh it’s you! I’ve been looking at your videos on You Tube! They are great. They really helped with my anxiety.” I left the shop floating on air! If I only helped that one person then that’s a result in my book.
‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ is the quote that made me put the videos on line. I’m so grateful for your support.
Thank you EFT. Thank you Mary-Jane.

Jane McHugh, Kent

I can't speak highly enough of Mary-Jane and her warm and practical guidance. If you want a trainer who will help you become not only a competent, but also a confident, EFT practitioner this is the place for you. Mary-Jane packs her courses with information, useful tools and demonstrations and allows you to feel both supported and able to find out for yourself what you need. I thoroughly enjoyed both my L1 and L2 courses and wouldn't consider going anywhere else when it's time for level 3! Thank you Mary-Jane.

Jess Cooke

I recently completed the EFT Level 1 virtual training course with Mary-Jane and I was not disappointed! From my initial contact with her, I have found Mary-Jane to be friendly, engaging, knowledgeable and compassionate. The initial discovery call helped cement in my mind that she was the course leader I was looking for as I transition into a new career. The level 1 training day was very well structured and included a good balance of Powerpoint resources, direct instruction, modelling and pair practice. As a teacher of 23 years, I can honestly say this was superbly structured and made the day fly by! The small class size meant we all had adequate opportunities to participate without feeling overwhelmed by large numbers. I have already booked to complete EFT Level 2 with Mary-Jane and very much look forward to trying out my new knowledge on friends and family.


I enjoy Mary-Jane’s style of being prepared and efficient but also attentive and responsive to the group. The atmosphere is warm and accommodating, there is no wasted time or tick box exercises and all the resources are things I keep and refer back to.
We all know you can’t absorb and remember absolutely everything you hear in intensive training but Mary-Jane remains available afterwards and clearly has an interest in helping her trainees establish themselves as competent, confident and well-supported practitioners.
When I came to Mary-Jane I didn’t just want to learn theory or obtain a certificate with not much meaning, I wanted to equip myself to develop myself into a practitioner with a thriving business that can support people through EFT. Mary-Jane has absolutely delivered that in every training I have done with her and in her supervisions and availability beyond.


“Having studied Level 1 & 2 with Mary Jane and completed various workshops as well, the Level 3 course was the icing on the cake. I learnt so much that I didn’t know I needed and don’t know how I coped without! The course shared some fantastic techniques that will give a wonderful breadth & depth to working with clients, allowing for a deep dive of discovery into their presenting issues. The work on sub-modalities was really expansive showing you how to help the client connect with their memory/event on a much deeper level and to empower them with more control about their experience of remembering and adapting. There were so many other powerful techniques as well that I can’t wait to use with my clients.

The course was delivered with MJ’s normal ease, expertise and humour making the learning environment safe and engaging in order that the student can feel comfortable exploring the topics in break out rooms and asking questions as they arise. The follow up information and connection from MJ is so valuable, proving that my choice of trainer for her character, dedication and support was more than valid, she has over delivered time and again and I can’t imagine having learned EFT with anyone else.


Training in EFT with Mary-Jane has been life-changing in that it not only enables me to use EFT in my daily life but also to become a practitioner. Choosing Mary-Jane as a trainer was the best thing I did as her training is relaxed, clear, thorough and is based on years of professional experience. What I really appreciate is that Mary-Jane has gone the extra mile to support me, putting in place affordable group supervision sessions, swap buddies to practice with, and a more experienced mentor to guide me through my case studies to accreditation. I now feel grounded in the theory, have built up experience, am part of a community, and feel confident to start my EFT business. Thanks Mary-Jane!

Cath Ashby

The techniques taught at EFT Level 3 feels like a natural and necessary progression from Level 2; a potential game changer for helping clients with this amazing therapy. Mary-Jane has a warm and welcoming teaching style. Her courses are extremely well thought out and organised and she encourages everyone to give their best. The course size is just right for all to have a personalised experience and to go away with a new network of contacts to continue practicing and sharing experiences with.

Gemma John

I've now done several trainings with Mary-Jane, including the Level 3 EFT and EFT Trainer and I absolutely love her trainings! What always impresses me about Mary-Jane's training style is how effortlessly she appears to train us, we'll all be having a lovely chat, some slides are shown and hey presto we've learned the subject. I know a lot of work, experience and thought process goes into making her training seem so smooth. I highly recommend attending her workshops, supervision and courses as you will get tons of value, she always makes the trainings interactive, interesting and fun! Thank you.

Jo Cantle

I've done my level 1, 2 and now advanced EFT practitioner training with Mary-Jane. I'm so pleased I found the right trainer for me to do this amazing work. Mary-Jane is friendly, patient and kind, with an absolute wealth of knowledge to help support you on your training journey. She provides support during and continuing after your training, in the form of study sharing groups where you're made to feel very welcome and part of one big supportive community. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these training courses with Mary-Jane for anyone wishing to get into the wonderful world of EFT.

Karen Bradley
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