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What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple and effective technique which anyone can use anywhere; you only need a pair of hands! Studies have shown a 97% success rate in clinical trials over a wide-range of conditions, ranging from anxiety, PTSD and physical pain. EFT involves tapping on various points on the head, torso and hands, and is quick to learn and easy to use.

How will it help my therapy business?

EFT has been life-changing for me and many of my clients. By becoming a practitioner, you will be support others to enjoy healthier, happier lives. Clients love EFT and they will keep coming back for more as well as telling their friends and family to come too.

And if you have beliefs that are blocking you from realising the full potential of your therapy business, you will clear those with EFT. Many practitioners achieve new levels of success when they begin using EFT for themselves.

Why train with me?

  • Small groups ensure all your questions are answered and you have plenty of time to practise
  • The follow up support is unsurpassed; your training fee includes life-long access to a closed forum
  • Regular additional courses are available to help you to build your practice and identify your ideal clients
  • Clear, easy communication, catering for all learning styles from a trainer who has a wealth of experience
  • An away-from-it-all venue, enables you to be free of distractions (and there is amazing cake!)

What We Offer


Level 1/Introduction to EFT

7th November 2019 in East Sussex, UK

27th February 2020 in East Sussex, UK

Level 2 EFT Training

8th to 10th November 2019 in East Sussex, UK

28th February to 1st March 2020 in East Sussex, UK

Allergies & Chronic Disease with EFT
(practitioners only)

More dates coming soon

Practice Building Day
(practitioners only)

11th November 2019 in East Sussex, UK

Level 3 Advanced EFT Training

2nd to 4th November 2019 in East Sussex, UK


Our e-course “Practice Building for EFT Practitioners” is available at any time

“I would recommend this course a very worthwhile and positive experience, what ever your reasons for signing up!”

C M, Croydon

“Great participants, amazing course content. I felt safe and accepted.”

A. K. Haywards Heath

“The course was delivered with passion, humility, care, sensitivity and humour. The training helped me believe in me. It was perfect; beyond expectations.”

E A, Sussex UK

“The informal and authentic style of delivery made it much easier to learn as well as fun! I felt very looked after and supported. Thank you! It was an excellent course and probably life-changing.”

S O, Eastbourne

“The last four days have been life changing for me. I came to it with little knowledge of EFT and I have had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Mary-Jane was the most amazing trainer and giver of herself to this whole learning experience. Amazing people, perfect venue but mostly Mary-Jane herself made this experience what it was. I can't thank her enough.”

K J Mid Sussex

“The 4 days last week that I spent doing this EFT course with Mary-Jane have for me probably been the most productive days that I have ever had. My life was at a standstill and I felt there was no way forward until I came here. I have been on a journey which has been hard but has now given me the skills to move forward and seek out a new direction.”

A H, Kent

“Doing this course has been a real milestone in my career as a health practitioner. I have found Mary-Jane to be an inspiration and excellent mentor. She is keen to support further learning in workshops and an active member in our FB group. I did a workshop after the initial course and MJ tailored the day to what we needed. I feel the workshops are an excellent opportunity to learn from Mary-Jane and other trainees and keep the momentum going.”

K.S, Worthing

“The support since training has been wonderful! I know you are always there with a quick response if I am stuck or need any help or advice! The regular meet ups have been really helpful and I feel 100% supported along my journey to becoming an EFT practitioner and also whilst practising ”

A H, East Sussex

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