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19th June 2019

The Importance of Community

Recently I heard Dr Bruce Lipton explaining how ants will die if they become separate from their colony. Although humans will not die, one the human fundamentals is a sense of connection with others. Lipton talked about the film, Castaway,…
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EFTNatural Health
11th February 2019

Can your emotions cause back pain?

In my career as an EFT practitioner, homeopath and allergy specialist, I largely shied away from treating musculo-skeletal problems, such as chronic back or joint pain, preferring to send them to one of the osteopaths who shared my clinic. If…
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Relaxing Doing Nothing
EFTNatural Health
12th October 2017

The art of doing nothing

I often tell people that I am fundamentally lazy and they look surprised, and say "but you're always doing things and never seem to stop" which is true
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50 Years Old
EFTNatural Health
2nd February 2017

What does fifty years old mean to you?

I am just a few weeks from my fiftieth birthday, and whilst mulling over what that means for me, I typed ’50 years old’ into a stock photo website to see what came up. Well, it was an interesting collection…
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