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I had an interesting chat with someone yesterday about why I need peace and quiet, and my own space quite frequently.

She has a theory that when you are an active listener and observer in your work, as practitioners are, it is very hard to switch that off. So even going for a coffee, or on a train, we tend to be listening and aware of what is happening around us.

Add to that the empathy we feel for the emotions of those around us, whether family, friends, clients or complete strangers, and it is no wonder we feel the need to be alone sometimes, to rest all of that.

I have a couple of favourite things that I do, ideally daily. One is to walk my cats (this is not an energetic process as one is slower than a snail and likes to stop every five seconds for a lie down!). The other is to put in earphones and watch restful videos on YouTube!

As a practitioner, it is highly recommended that you build something into your life where you can just switch off.

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