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In my career as an EFT practitioner, homeopath and allergy specialist, I largely shied away from treating musculo-skeletal problems, such as chronic back or joint pain, preferring to send them to one of the osteopaths who shared my clinic. If I am brutally honest, I don’t think I had too much faith in being able to help these people in spite of a whole host of clinical evidence to the contrary.

So when I ran my very first EFT practitioner training course in 2017 I was feeling slightly apprehensive when we came to the section on physical pain, which required me to do a demonstration with someone.

One of the trainees volunteered; she had been experiencing back pain for over 20 years, pretty much constantly.

I asked her to describe the pain and we did a few rounds of tapping based on the physical symptoms.

Next I asked how the pain made her feel … I know now, from experience, that this is where the magic happens. The emotion is usually felt in a different place from the physical pain. For example, you may have an ache in your lower back but frustration in your throat.

So we did a few rounds of tapping on the emotion, and her back pain had improved quite a bit.

Next, I asked her when she had felt that emotion before and she recalled a childhood memory involving her father. We went back to that time (this is where you need to work with a therapist) and ran through what is known as the Movie Technique. In essence, the memory is related, scene by scene, with tapping at any time there is some emotion felt.

When the memory had been recalled and we had tapped through it, I asked the trainee to recall the memory and see if she still had any emotion around it. She didn’t and it fact it had taken on a totally different perspective in her mind … her Dad was having a bad time and she was in the firing line. It wasn’t really about her.

We came back to the present and I asked her to move around a bit and see if she had any back pain. I was surprised when she said it had totally gone, and even now, when I catch up with her, she remains pain-free.

This was a huge confidence boost to me and I began to love working with musculo-skeletal problems. Shoulder issues featured highly and I had some good results with these. And then in 2018 I was asked to give a talk to a local WI group (Women’s Institute). They were a fabulous group of more mature women, all of whom had a go at tapping. Many of them were experiencing physical pain of one sort or another, and I invited them to focus on that as we tapped, and then on the emotion it elicited.

There was no opportunity for visiting previous memories, but at the end of ten minutes or so of tapping, several of the women reported much more movement in previously stiff joints, and many had greatly diminished pain levels too. And that was tapping to a non-specific script in a group of fifty people.

I can highly recommend consulting an EFT practitioner if you are experiencing on-going pain. We should never be reliant on pain-killers or weekly trips to the osteopath or chiropractor. For those experiencing physical pain which is just not shifting, why not try a radically different approach and enjoy some Emotional Freedom Technique.

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