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There is so much talk now about affirmations, and I’m sure millions of people each day look in the mirror, or spend their commute telling themselves that they are amazing, or that abundance is flowing to them, or that the perfect partner is looking for them right now.

The “Queen” of affirmations was probably Louise L. Hay, and have huge respect for her and her legacy. Her own story was incredibly inspiring and gave me great hope when I first came across her book, You Can Heal Your Life, in 2001. I now own my fourth or fifth copy because I have lent it out so many times, and it rarely gets returned!

A few days ago I saw a social media post, quoting Louise Hay, and it went like this:

“I work with those who respect and honour their employees, clients and partners. My workplace is a supportive one.”

I’m afraid it made me cringe. Why? Because this is NOT the reality for a huge number of people. As I know from first-hand experience, many employers do NOT respect and honour their employees, clients and partners. An awful lot are in business for the sole reason of keeping their shareholders happy. That is an uncomfortable and tough truth.

So repeating such an affirmation, is basically a lie, and will put you into a stress response because the body knows that the words being spoken are not in alignment with the truth.

This can be a great place to start with Emotional Freedom Technique. State an affirmation or a goal, and notice the discomfort in the body, or the “Yes, buts” that pop into your head. And begin tapping on these.

What about affirmations that are true? Well, you don’t actually need them, because you are in alignment with that statement so you will be living it anyway. Your work WILL be fulfilling and you will be surrounded by people who support you. So you might like to feel appreciation for that situation, but you don’t need an affirmation.

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