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What our trainees say

Hear Chris’s experience of the EFT training

“I highly recommend this training course with Mary-Jane. The training course covers all the content that is needed to understand EFT, lots of practice experience opportunities, as well as a focus on how you might take this forward into actually setting up a business. Mary-Jane was both clear about what she wanted to cover and flexible to the needs of the group, which is a great balance to have. The training was delivered in a lovely venue and in a small group. We were encouraged to share openly but never pressured to do so, and as a result I also felt safe and able to ask questions. As a trainer/lecturer myself, I know I can be critical of other trainers, and I absolutely loved this course! Mary-Jane is warm, real, funny, straight-talking and passionate about EFT. It’s a winning combination! And then she continues to support and encourage through the facebook group she has set-up for those who have completed the course. I have no hesitation in recommending this course – whether you wish to know more about tapping for yourself or with an interest in becoming a practitioner.”

J S, Chichester

“I trained as an EFT practitioner with Mary-Jane about 18 months ago. What has unfolded since then feels nothing short of a miracle. As well as conquering my biggest fear of speaking in public, I have left my job of 20 years, turned my hobby into a sustainable business and feel I am on an accelerated journey of self development. And I couldn’t have wished for a more encouraging and compassionate teacher by my side.

Whilst integrating EFT into my Health practice I have found Mary-Jane’s Facebook group  to be invaluable. M-J has been a natural health practitioner for years and is generous with her knowledge and experience. She shares great ideas within this group and has helped me understand how to market and promote myself and my business. This is done by Facebook lives or videos and regular updates in the files section. Thank you so much Mary-Jane.”

Kathryn, Worthing

“Before my training my life was often conflicted. Since completing the training, I find myself far more able to manage what would previously have been stressful situations, or circumstances that would have really pissed me off. Now I’m much calmer and able to think clearly and react in a more considered way, rather than getting emotionally wound up.

I studied NLP several years ago and considered at the time pursuing it further but ‘life’ kind of got in the way and ran away with me. I recently reached a point in my life where the timing felt just right to do some serious work on ‘me’, for my own sake as well as being able to make my own little corner of the world a better place, if only slightly.

I’d been pondering exactly what this might look like for a year or so, and already read much about EFT. It was a few months ago when a friend mentioned that they’d been considering the training & asked if I would like to train with them.

I didn’t have to search for a course because Mary-Jane came with solid recommendations

I loved the small group size. There were 6 of us training over the four days which gave plenty of time for individual attention where required & always the opportunity to have questions answered and explore ideas freely among ourselves.

There were some emotional scares uncovered as the weekend progressed, some were hard to face up to. But as a small group there was a tremendous amount of support when needed, & after all… clearing the garbage is what the weekend (and beyond) was all about!

Now I much more relaxed generally, able to recognise rising stress and anxiety creeping in and being able to ‘deal’ with it before it takes over.

Also, more recently, confidence… confidence to just be myself more often, confidence to face up to bold ambition and even share those goals with close friends.

I am definitely less stressed & able to think through situations more calmly and I generally feeling a little more in tune with myself.

If you have even an ounce of interest in any field of personal development, don’t think, just do this course.

Anyone open minded enough to take this on cannot fail to make rapid improves in so many areas of their life. I am not the person I was 6 months ago, and it shows!

Whether or not that’s a good thing depends on your perspective, but I’m moving towards an orchestrated future, not blowing with the wind being help back by the past! The small group size & M-J’s relaxed and welcoming manner make this a special experience.”

Mark, Sussex

“The 4 days last week that I spent doing this EFT course with Mary-Jane have for me probably been the most productive days that I have ever had. My life was at a standstill and I felt there was no way forward until I came here. I have been on a journey which has been hard but has now given me the skills to move forward and seek out a new direction. I met some incredible people and built up new friendships which I know will be part of my life for ever more.

Thank you so much Mary Jane, you are a wonderful person who gives so much and also your helpers Jo and especially Lucy who to me is hugely inspirational. I can now see a positive light and will use this opportunity to build a better life for myself and hopefully be able to share this knowledge with others as well. Thank you.x”

A H, Kent

“The course was delivered with passion, humility, care, sensitivity and humour. The training helped me believe in me. It was perfect; beyond expectations.”

E A, Sussex

“The last four days have been life changing for me. I came to it with little knowledge of EFT and I have had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Mary-Jane was the most amazing trainer and giver of herself to this whole learning experience. Amazing people, perfect venue but mostly Mary-Jane herself made this experience what it was. I can’t thank her enough.”

K J Mid Sussex

“Great participants, amazing course content. I felt safe and accepted.”

A K, Haywards Heath

“The informal and authentic style of delivery made it much easier to learn as well as fun! I felt very looked after and supported. Thank you! It was an excellent course and probably life-changing.”

S O, Eastbourne

“I’ve always known that emotions are directly connected with physical problems and disease.   I have overcome many of my issues by changing my diet but my emotions always get the better of me and I always turned to Mary-Jane for help using homeopathy.  I really trust homeopathy and it has worked very well for me in the past, usually bringing me back to balance but never actually clearing the emotions that just seem to quieten down until ‘next time!’.

When I heard that Mary-Jane was practicing EFT and had given up her homeopathy practice to teach, I intuitively just knew this was the right path for me too.  I completely trusted her and threw myself into Level 1 & 2 teaching, without having ever ‘tapped’ before or actually doing much research at all!  Rather impulsive but I like to think I was guided to this course and actually so happy that I made the hasty decision to sign up!

From the first hour of the course, I knew I had made the right decision, Mary-Jane teaches in a gentle, honest and down-to-earth way, I felt completely supported and the pace of teaching was perfect.  My brain was flooded with information that completely resonated with me, there were more than one or two light-bulb moments and I wondered why it had taken me 52 years to find this incredible practice.

My whole life has turned around since this course, I’m having realisations and uncovering deep held beliefs every few days!  My husband says he doesn’t know what to expect next!  These are deep beliefs that have held me in a safe place, limiting my life.  I almost feel like I have grown wings and just learning to fly!

I have learned so much about myself, uncovering so many negative beliefs that have held me back, this is such a simple, safe and logical technique.  My husband has already signed up for the first course he could find locally and I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wants to incorporate this into their practice and fly free themselves.”

Nicola, Haywards Heath

“The training was very well delivered. The small group meant there was time and
space for engagement and discussion which for me helps to embed learning. The
content was well paced so did not create overwhelm or a rushed feeling. Mary-
Jane has a fab approach, totally knowledgable, friendly and funny as well as completely inclusive, always ensuring all students were keeping up and clear on the learnings.
It was run as a zoom training and this worked very well”

Anna, Surrey