Advanced EFT Level 3 Training

The Training

Are you:

  • Trained in EFT?
  • Feeling out of practise?
  • Lacking in confidence?
  • Want to add to your skills and get more practise?
  • Ready to grow your client base?

When you first trained, you had some amazing results. And now, weeks, months or years after your initial course, you feel you have lost your touch.
If this sounds like you, maybe you are considering a return to paid employment, or are losing faith in your ability to be an effective practitioner and perhaps you are doubting that EFT is really that good.
I have trained and mentored dozens of people in the magical therapy that is EFT. I have trained people who have gone on to build thriving businesses, changing the lives of their clients and their client’s families, friends and colleagues.

It can be tough

  • Clients don’t give credit to EFT for the transformations in their life;
  • People have complex lives and money issues that can make it difficult to ask them to commit to sessions,
  • Sometimes introducing the idea of tapping to prospective clients just feels a bit stupid!

Advanced Level 3 EFT training gives you a whole host of new skills and techniques to use with your clients. You will:

  • Discover new ways to unearth those hard-to-identify memories
  • Become aware of the positive events that can be a trigger for self-sabotaging behaviour.
  • Learn methods of finding beliefs and practice projecting positive emotions into a future picture.
  • Identify your ideal client.

Questions AND Answers

Q: I’ve already invested time and money in EFT training, and my amazing business hasn’t materialised. Why should I commit more time?
A: Let’s face it, the initial EFT training is pretty short; a few days with a group of people and some practise sessions afterwards. Most professional qualifications take many years and thousands of pounds to achieve.  And you know that to become really good at something a combination of giving and receiving sessions and additional training is the best way to go. If you need a leg-up to achieve your amazing business, you will discover how to achieve that during these few days.

Q: I trained too recently to take this step into further training.
A: Most committed practitioners regularly give and receive a swap session each week, so even if you are not seeing paying clients yet, you will have a good few hours of practise under your belt. And you certainly will have come across stumbling blocks and client issues which you are not sure how to handle. What better than a relaxed forum where you can get all your questions answered?

Q: I trained a while ago but haven’t built up a client base yet and feel a bit ambivalent about the power of EFT.  I am a bit embarrassed to come along with new practitioners and confess that I haven’t made a go of it.
A: Let’s be honest – you’ve lost the love a bit. Ask yourself honestly, why haven’t you kept up your swap sessions and self tapping? I am sure you had some great results during and soon after your training, but have lost confidence since. We all lose confidence in things that we don’t maintain … perhaps you ran a marathon two years ago, but could you do another one tomorrow? Chances are you would struggle. It’s the same with anything – when we don’t practice something, we get a bit rusty and lose confidence. What better way to get your mojo back than in a lovely supportive environment with fellow practitioners who are likely to be feeling the same.

Q: I am an experienced practitioner, with many years of practice, but I would like to achieve my Level 3 certification. Will I be over-qualified to take this training?
A: I can honestly say that after years of training EFT, I learn new things every time I run a course, or attend another trainer’s course as an observer or assistant. Yes, I have heard the material before, but often a new angle emerges for me. I can guarantee that anyone, even the most experienced practitioner, will pick up new information from this course.

Dates & Costs

2020 Dates​​

  • To be confirmed


The cost of the training is £225. Book Now with £100 deposit, the balance is due 3 to 4 weeks in advance of the course

Your course fee includes:

  • all training
  • your Advanced EFT Practitioner certificate, received at the end of the course
  • a comfortable, tranquil training venue in Sussex
  • a comprehensive course manual
  • refreshments (hot and cold beverages, fruit and homemade cake)

Who can take this course?

Anyone who has completed EFT Level 2 training and is registered with the EFT & Mindfulness Centre, the EFTMRA, iEFT (formally AAMET) or other recognised registering body is eligible for Level 3 training. If you are registered with another training organisation, please get in touch, as you may be eligible to complete this course. We welcome students who have done their initial training elsewhere, but would ask that we have a chat before you book to ensure you are trained to a sufficient level to take this course.

After training you will be invited to become part of the closed Facebook Group for sharing information about EFT.

Our Venue

This training will be at Spithurst Hub, near Lewes, East Sussex. The training room is connected to the kitchen of which we will have exclusive use, and there is plenty of seating in the kitchen or outside, if the weather permits.

Refreshments are provided and you can use the kitchen facilities to prepare your lunch as required.

See our video of the lovely venue HERE

If you need local accommodation, check out some of the options HERE

About Mary-Jane

Many Level 3 trainees will have trained with Mary-Jane, but those who have trained elsewhere are very welcome to join this course. You can find out more about me in this ten minute interview

CLICK HERE to watch