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Treat Allergies and Chronic Health Conditions with EFT

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The Training

Does the prospect of working with people who have a health condition or allergies terrify you?

I often hear from practitioners who are anxious about working with clients who have a diagnosis, perhaps of fibromyalgia, or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, or Type 1 or 2 Diabetes, or lupus, or MS. Or with serious conditions like cancer.

As practitioners we have an innate fear of making people worse. Or of being out of our depth. Or saying the “Wrong Thing”. Or appearing ignorant.

Relax! I was just like you when I started in practice in 2006. People would arrive with unpronounceable illnesses, and I would get flustered about it. But I quickly learnt that the label really doesn’t matter. They want to FEEL BETTER. They don’t mind how this happens.

Now I have thirteen years of experience working with people with a whole host of serious and ongoing diseases, and many with life-threatening allergies. I have also lived, survived and thrived through a cancer diagnosis. EFT has an immense capacity to help people with serious illness and working with clients like this can be profoundly rewarding.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that shying away from this work is doing the world a disservice. At a time when the NHS drugs bill is over £50 billion per annum, and auto-immune and chronic illness is on the increase, as therapists we can make an immense difference.

I know that many EFT practitioners lack confidence in dealing with client’s with chronic health conditions, even though they may have used EFT as a key step on their own healing journey. Let me help you.

During this two day course, you will become confident working with people with a wide range of health issues and allergies including
– hayfever
– animal allergy
– allergy to dust, moulds and insect bites/stings
– food allergies and intolerances
– irritable bowel syndrome
– digestive discomfort, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea
– asthma
– eczema
– acne and rosacea
– ME, CFS and fibromyalgia
– insomnia
– cancer
– thyroid conditions
– auto-immune disorders

How many lives could you change? AND how easy would it be to build a busy practice?

Dates & Costs

2020 Dates​​

  • To be confirmed


The cost of the training is £225

You will benefit from:

  • all training
  • a comprehensive course manual
  • a guide to obtaining a great time-line from a client
  • the ability to muscle test which is useful for just about anything
  • a certificate of attendance
  • a beautiful, rural venue
  • a small group environment
  • like-minded colleagues
  • emailed copies of homework sheets for clients
  • emailed copies of check-lists for muscle testing
  • emailed copies of pre-appointment time-line information
  • refreshments (hot and cold beverages, fruit and delicious home-made cake)
  • membership of a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions and share experiences after the training
  • The potential to build a niche and a thriving practice
  • An inspiring, passionate trainer

If you wish to stay locally, please contact me for a list of local guesthouses. Transport to and from your accommodation on each training day can be arranged if you are arriving by public transport.

Ongoing support

Once you have completed your training, you will also have access to a closed Facebook group, where you can ask relevant questions and share experiences.

About your Trainer

Mary-Jane Sharratt is an EFT Trainer, Advanced EFT & Matrix practitioner, homeopath, allergy specialist and yoga instructor. She has been studying natural and alternative health since 2002 and has worked with people with complex chronic health conditions for many years.

Diagnosed with cancer in 2001, Mary-Jane is no stranger to serious disease. She found her own healing path back then which has given her the confidence to work with clients without any fear.

For this unique course, Mary-Jane has gathered together her extensive experience working with serious allergies and chronic disease and combined it all in a programme which EFT practitioners can use with their clients. She has drawn on her knowledge of case-taking, nutrition, yoga, kinesiology and homeopathy as well as the power of EFT to give you a workable structure to use with your clients.

You can watch a ten minute interview with Mary-Jane HERE

Our Venue

This course will take place at Spithurst Hub, a few miles from Lewes in a rural setting. We have exclusive use of the training room and adjacent spacious kitchen where you can prepare and eat your lunch and there is plenty of outside seating.

Discover more about Spithurst Hub HERE

It's easy to reserve a place on this course!