Become an EFT Practitioner

The Training

Now listed for further research by the NHS, and increasingly welcomed into schools, EFT or tapping is a gentle, non-invasive but incredibly powerful way of working with just about any sort of unwanted emotion.

In particular, it is commonly used for * Depression * Panic & Anxiety * Trauma * Stress * Fears and phobias * Back pain * Hypertension * Food cravings * Lack of confidence * Procrastination * Addictions * CFS and Fibromyalgia * Exam nerves * PTSD * Chronic Illness

It can be used with everyone, from young children to the elderly.

Over our two to three day course you will cover the required content for Level 2 EFT Practitioner Training. Our course is delivered using the syllabus of  The EFT & Mindfulness Centre,

Attendees are required to have completed EFT Level 1, either with us or another trainer.

The course structure is a mix of:

  • Relaxed sharing of content
  • Video viewing
  • Demonstrations
  • Supported practice in pairs
  • Individual and group work

​During the course you will discover:

  • What EFT is and how it originated
  • How to apply EFT to resolve negative emotions, physical pain, phobias and trauma
  • Why we hold the beliefs we do, and how to change them
  • Simple and effective ways to work with clients and manage issues that can arise
  • The emotions behind cravings and addictions and how to address them
  • How to set up a practice and attract clients
  • Your own personal plan for using EFT

On completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. If you wish to become a practitoner, the requirements are:

  • completion of a minimum of three case studies, each comprising three sessions (one session should be in video format)
  • submit a self-reflection of a session when you were the client
  • join the EFT & Mindfulness Centre as a Student Member (£30) which gives you access to the online test
  • unlike many courses, case study assessment, a one to one feedback session and exam marking are included in your course fee

​You can then obtain insurance usually at a cost of considerably less than £100, depending on your location, and become a practitioner.

You can discover more about The EFT & Mindfulness Centre HERE. There are a multitude of benefits of membership.

Dates & Costs

Who is this for?

Level 2 trainees will have completed Level 1/ Foundation Training with Mary-Jane or another recognised EFT trainer.

This course is for anyone who wants to become a practitioner of EFT or who wishes to explore this powerful therapy more deeply, learning how to work with more complex issues and events.

Forthcoming Dates​​

  • Friday 18th August to Sunday 20th August 2023 – via Zoom
  • Friday 13th October to Sunday 15th October 2023 – via Zoom

Each day runs from 10am to 3.30pm UK time


The cost of the training is £515 and can be combined with Level 1 for £595, a saving of £55.

Your course fee includes:

  • a small group experience, being one of only 8 trainees
  • one to one support and observation during the course
  • three days of Emotional Freedom Technique training
  • a certificate of attendance
  • presence of a supporting EFT practitioner
  • a comprehensive course manual
  • assessment of your case studies (included in the training fee)
  • one hour personal case study review (included in the training fee)
  • exam marking (included in the training fee)
  • making new connections with like-minded people who can also become your treatment exchange partners
  • a life-time of ongoing support in a closed forum
  • access to a variety of advanced courses

Ongoing support

  • Once you have completed your training, you will have the benefit of membership of a private forum where you can ask questions.
  • Monthly supervision will support you on your journey as a practitioner
  • One to one sessions are also available, at a special rate, for EFT trainees and practitioners

About your trainer

Mary-Jane is passionate about EFT … discover more about her journey HERE