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About Me

Your Course Leader, Mary-Jane

I worked in commercial banking for fifteen years​ before qualifying as a homeopath in 2006. I added Emotional Freedom Technique to my skill base a few years later and work at a deep level with clients helping them to examine the patterns and beliefs that have created their current situation and supporting them in making changes to those patterns. I am an Advanced Level EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner and EFT Trainer and more recently qualified as a yoga teacher, bringing a new dimension to my holistic practice.

My experience with clients has given me a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of holistic health from disease, nutrition, allergy, mental and emotional issues. I am on a continuous journey of personal development and continue to see practitioners to support me on my own path.

I have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with dynamic people from diverse backgrounds and of all ages and am a passionate and inspiring teacher with a strong intuition.

Having run a number of holistic healthy lifestyle retreats, I wanted to re-create the retreat environment in my small group EFT training courses, allowing students to feel relaxed and comfortable as they learn this magical skill.

I will be supported during the training by a qualified EFT Practitioner helper.