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When you received glowing testimonials and messages, it is very easy to slip into the trap of thinking somehow YOU, the practitioner, MADE this thing happen for your client.
Everyone has their own self-healing ability. No matter your experience and aptitude with using EFT, or any other therapy, all you are doing is helping your client to activate their own self-healing ability.
The way we do this is to hold up a mirror. And in the very best sessions, our client sees themselves for who they truly are. And then the magic begins, and it comes from them.
Someone can describe to you in detail how to ride a horse, but you won’t be able to ride a horse until you sit on one.
We can share words of wisdom with our clients (and some may strike such a chord that they trigger that self-healing ability), but they have to see the true reflection for themselves.
Let’s face it, sometimes looking into the mirror isn’t very comfortable – isn’t that what EFT is all about? Sitting with the discomfort, tuning into it, acknowledging it.
How wonderful to spend your working days holding the mirror, and not being responsible for the outcome. The world needs more people holding mirrors.
Your clients might think it was YOU, but really it is THEM!

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