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Even by Spanish standards, the past few days have been extremely hot, with temperatures exceeding 40° C every afternoon.

This morning I looked at the weather App to see when the heat might abate, and felt a sense of despair to realise that the answer was “not very soon!”. Of course I knew it would be hot in summer in Spain, even here in the north, but I had expected temperatures closer to 30° than 40°.

Well, if there is one thing we really can’t change, it’s the weather. But we can change our mindset. So with this slight feeling of despair surrounding me, I sat and did some tapping, and here is what came up for me:

  • I have cleared more things off my endless to-do list this week than for the previous couple of months (there is nothing like being inside to get your admin done)
  • I can give myself credit for what I HAVE done, by writing a list of all those things (and now I feel a bit smug)
  • Although we are only 150 miles away, we are NOT in danger from the terrible wildfires that are raging a bit further south with terrible loss of crops, livestock, homes and businesses.
  • I can choose to wait until the weather is cooler before I do outside jobs. Or I can get up early and do them then.
  • I can swim instead of going running as my primary form of exercise until the weather is a bit cooler
  • I can eat salad instead of cooking!

And suddenly life seems a whole lot better. My days will be structured differently, with early starts to do the outside/more active things (like cleaning!). And when I think back to living in the UK, there were often endless days of rain when I would be checking the App to see when I might get the washing dried outside. At least my washing is dry in about an hour here!

One of the many reasons I love tapping is that when you have cleared the unwanted emotions, you get clarity on what is really going on, and often are able to see the big picture, instead of your own little jigsaw piece in it.

It occurred to me that so many people’s lives are on hold for one reason or another. Here are few examples where you might be waiting for something to change before you move forward:

  • That new job
  • The dream partner
  • The beautiful new house
  • Boundless energy and great health
  • Your next holiday
  • That elusive lottery win
  • The ‘right’ number on the bathroom scales

We waste so much time waiting for something to change, but the only thing we need to change is our mindset. I love watching the swallows and housemartins around my house, collecting insects for their babies. They don’t wait for anything other than the right time of year before making their amazing journey from Africa to breed or lay their eggs. They just do it (that would make a great advertising slogan, perhaps for a sportswear company)!

Almost everyone I work with feels ‘stuck’ in some aspect of their life, whether it’s financial, health, home, relationship, family, work … but it is an illusion.

I love helping people to identify where they are stuck (some of us have been there so long, it is familiar and we don’t notice any more), why they are stuck (usually due to early-life beliefs imprinted in us that we may not be ‘enough’ if we do make a change) and then we can begin changing those beliefs and start un-sticking from this stuck place.

The transformations I have seen in people’s lives (and my own) from doing this work never cease to amaze me. And more than the weather, is the best reason I have to get up in the morning.

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