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Recently I have discussed this idea with a number of trainees and practitioners, as it is one that I have found really helpful when working with clients.

We all have the clients who arrive at the session and regurgitate their full life story during the first hour. This often leaves the practitioner feeling overwhelmed and very confused about where to start.

At this point a mind map is brilliant. You can either fill it in with your client, or ask them to do it before the next session.

It is a way of chunking down the key events/emotions/people in their life that probably need working on at some stage. And you can draw it using colours and images.

Armed with a mind map (which can be added to), you can make your sessions much more focused and manageable, which will really help you and your clients.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with using mind maps.

If you’ve never heard of mind maps, don’t panic. This image shows a basic one which is all you need. Put the key issues into separate circles, and then break each one down into smaller parts, and then those parts into smaller parts. It’s easy and fun!

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