Practitioner Support Programme

After Your Training

Those who have completed their EFT training agree on one thing … it is intense. And even though you are given time to practise and integrate what you have learnt, it is not uncommon to have more questions as the days, weeks and months unfold.

As you begin swap sessions and are working towards completing your case studies, you will begin questioning whether you are doing things correctly.

You may have been seeing clients for some while, but sometimes ask yourself “What do I do in THIS scenario?”

The EFT Practitioner Support Programme is for YOU, whether you trained last week, last month or years ago. As practitioners, we ALWAYS have questions and we can’t possibly know how to approach every client or every scenario.

The objective of this Programme is to give you a safe forum to ask questions, and deepen your knowledge and experience of EFT.

Each month you will benefit from attending a live demo, as well as a confidential supervision session. To get an idea of how our demo sessions work, you might want to watch the recording of this one, where I show four ways that practitioner can find a memory or event with a client.


How does it work?

Two Sessions per Month

Each month you will benefit from live, on-line attendance at:

  • A Supervision Session where you can ask questions in a safe environment about specific cases, or more general issues with EFT, your practice, and your own self-care
  • A Demo of a particular issue, which you can attend live and ask questions afterwards

All sessions will be conducted using Zoom, for which you don’t need any special software, except the App on your phone or tablet (no App needed if you are using a laptop).

Sessions will also be recorded for you to re-watch for as long as you are a member of the programme

Confidential Facebook Forum

Members of the Programme are eligible to be part of a confidential Facebook Group where you can ask questions of Mary-Jane and each other, give feedback and comments on previous demos and supervision sessions, and make requests for future demos.

Cost of membership

You can choose between an annual or monthly subscription, and can pay below using PayPal. Annual membership is just £97, or you can choose to pay just £12 per month.

Practitioner Support Programme:choose monthly or annual payments

It's easy to reserve a place on this course!

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