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EFT to Clear Money Blocks

The Training


Do you feel you are OVER-WORKING and UNDER-EARNING; STRUGGLING to make ends meet or earning JUST ENOUGH to pay the bills?

Before you brush off your CV and reapply for your old job, how can we help you?

During this LIFE-CHANGING one day course, you will discover:
~ The beliefs that are blocking you from leading the life you love AND charging enough for your services
~ Easy ways to alter your behaviour to consistently match your new beliefs
~ How to create a template showing the daily, weekly and monthly tasks that are part of being in business WITHOUT feeling over-whelmed
~ How to step forward with your business in 2019 behaving like a BUSINESS OWNER not a house-wife with a PayPal account

This course is NOT just about earning more money. It is EVERYTHING about you approaching your business with a different mindset, which will give you
~ A happier home life
~ More quality time with your family
~ An income that exceeds previous years
~ A life free of worry, overwhelm and stress about your business
~ Time for fun and freedom

ARE YOU READY? If you feel it is time to step up and OWN your business, instead of letting it run your life, we would love to see you.

Dates & Costs

2019 Dates​​

  • 31st January near LEWES
  • The day begins at 10am until 5pm


The cost of the training is £117 – it’ll be the best money you spend this year

Your course fee includes:

  • All training
  • A certificate of attendance
  • A chance to discover your Sacred Money Archetypes (pre-course work)
  • A handout including tapping scripts that you can work with after the course
  • A comfortable, tranquil training venue in Sussex
  • Refreshments (hot and cold beverages, fruit and cake)

Ongoing support

Once you have completed your training, you will also have access to the  Facebook group, which is a supportive forum where you can ask questions and share experiences.​

Our Venue

This workshop will take place at the lovely Spithurst Hub, a few miles from Lewes in East Sussex. As well as a spacious and comfortable meeting room, there is a large kitchen for preparing warm drinks, and eating lunch and a fridge where packed lunches can be stored.

About Us

Louise Cartwright is a highly successful High Performance Coach, Wealth Coach and EFT practitioner. Her direct approach gets straight to the heart of the issue; there is no space to hide at the back during this workshop BUT you won’t regret coming as the results will be rapid.

She has experienced deep lack of self-worth, confusion over her role in life and considerable financial debt and is a fabulous example of rags to riches.

She is a force of nature and a day with Louise is not one you will forget BUT you will discover so much about how to grow your business, clear your money blocks and embrace the wealth that is your birthright.

Discover more about Louise at

Mary-Jane Sharratt is the founder of EFT Practitioner Training, and in a previous life worked as a Regional Director for a US Banking organisation. In 2006 she established a successful holistic health practice which had a two month client waiting list. She is not afraid of money, hard-work or of making big life changes. In 2018 she sold her practice and moved to Spain where she is now living the life of her dreams.

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