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Practitioner Confidence

Cultivate your Confidence

NEXT COURSE: Begins 14th January 2021

One thing is certain: your EFT training was intense. Then, after a week or two, you may find that have a lot of questions. Regular Supervision sessions are a great opportunity to ask your EFT-related questions, but aside from those, the most common questions is:


Originally devised as an online course, I have refreshed the content with a marketing focus and in January 2021 I am running this amended course via Zoom, for 2 hours each week over 3 weeks

You can expect an hour of two of additional work between each session (or more!) and you will have access to a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions too.

Each session will be recorded, and you will receive a copy of the slides and a handout each week. You are strongly encouraged to attend in person if at all possible – being present for each session will be more powerful than watching the recording.


Session 1 – Getting Clear

  • Taking the first step
    • Fear of failing (so never starting)
    • Concern around earning enough money
    • Who am I to be helping others?
  • Practicalities
    • How to take bookings
    • How to work with clients
  • Homework
    • Identifying your blocks
    • Your brag bank
    • Defining your desired outcome

Session 2 – Getting connected

  • Identifying your ideal client
    • Resistance to niching (I want to save the world)
    • Choosing a niche
  • How to connect with your ideal client
  • Homework
    • Research places/groups/forums/organisations
    • Identify the unique experience & skills that you have

Session 3 – Getting visible

  • Becoming visible and maybe well known (yikes!)
  • Establishing your presence & expertise
  • Setting and charging fees
  • Homework
    • Setting up a social media account for your business
    • Creating a 3D vision for your business
    • Joining groups and forums and spending time each day reviewing questions (and maybe replying)


  • How to record an introductory video
  • How to record a Facebook live
  • Using the Facebook diary system from a Page
  • How to schedule posts in advance on Facebook

Discover what previous trainees thought

From Diane in East Sussex

I signed up for Mary-Jane’s course because I wasn’t sure in which way I was going to share EFT (if at all) and how to broaden my audience. I am so glad I did as it really showed me what was holding me back, and the many directions I could take.

I liked that we could keep all the information and videos which Mary-Jane shared within the course. It  gave me confidence watching and learning from the other members of the group. Mary-Jane is a great teacher, she teaches with insight and empathy and I definitely recommend  this course.

From Paula Daniels

Having trained in EFT in 2018 I’ve only ever used it to help family and friends. I never took it out to the wider community. This course has pushed me out of my comfort zone and has activated me, giving me a confidence in myself that I’d never thought I’d have. The course has been delivered gently and Mary-Jane has the wonderful knack of bringing out the best in you and helping you with your weaknesses. I’m extremely happy with the results and highly recommend this course.

From Sandra Caramella-Vickery

When I signed up for the Cultivating your Confidence Programme, I was a little overwhelmed of where to start to get out there with my EFT.  I had concerns about joining the programme because I didn’t think I would be able to make the time for it.  Having worked with Mary Jane as my Practitioner on a number of occasions, I decided to sign up because I knew that with her help I would be able to pluck up the courage and take action towards building my online business.  I am so glad as without her help I would still be wondering what to do.  Thank you Mary Jane

From Ivana Sylvester-Bradley

Everybody who is starting out needs to do this course! It offers so much value and I loved the connection with our special group.

How does it work?

When you sign up for the Cultivating your Confidence Programme you will:

  • Be part of an intimate group of EFT practitioners who want to start or grow their business
  • Be invited to weekly Zoom meetings at 11am UK time beginning Thursday 14th January 2021
  • Receive a handout, for use in each session
  • Receive a link to access the session recording
  • Be invited to join the Closed Facebook forum, where you can ask questions, access the handouts, and links to the recordings
  • Be able to ask questions at each session, recap on your progress, share the experiences of other participants
  • Receive the numerous BONUS sessions

Confidential Facebook Forum

Within the closed and confidential Facebook forum, you can ask questions of Mary-Jane and other members of the Programme, as well as give feedback and comment. Mary-Jane is active in this group and endeavours to answer your queries quickly. Other members of the Programme will also support you.

Cost of training

This course is available to you at the Special Introductory Price of just £67 (usually £97) and you can pay using PayPal with the link below.