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So last week I ran my first ever four day EFT practitioner training, working with five people to bring them to Level 2 EFT qualification level.

I won’t deny that I was nervous beforehand. My husband commented that I wasn’t really listening to anything he told me (a bit of role reversal there!) and he could see I was a bit worried and not very smiley which is what happens when I’m apprehensive.

Everything was prepared and there was nothing more I could do, but I suppose my biggest concerns were:

  • I was using someone else’s Powerpoint slides, which I’ve never done before
  • I had to ensure I covered all the information up to Level 2 (although I know from experience that at least half of it wouldn’t go in)
  • I had no idea what issues this group would be coming with and what the process of EFT might bring up for them
  • I had never worked in the venue before and wasn’t sure how well it would work
  • What would I do if everybody had a meltdown simultaneously? I had some help during the course but not all the time
  • What if they all hated it and someone walked out?

So obviously no self-doubt there at all! Some tapping was needed the night before the course and I also felt I was getting a cold too, so I had to tell that to go away or at least wait for a few days.

Well, what happened?

To be honest I had the best few days of my life!

Everyone had at least one meltdown, and there was a fair bit of physical releasing as well as emotional. No one walked out; everyone gave great feedback; the depth of the work went well beyond my expectations and the visible change in those five people was tangible after four days. Moreover, my vision of an away-from-it-all, retreat-style venue had worked brilliantly, with everyone feeling safe and supported. And I seemed to able to deal with whatever came up.

I realised that I have done so much work on myself that I am now comfortable sharing my own story, to help others realise that we all have a whole heap of shit that we carry around. This is a change from the days when I would be convulsed with embarrassment if someone asked me a personal question in a professional setting.

I was happy being the ‘client’ during one practice session and in fact had a profound realisation of a deeply buried belief.

So what did I learn?

  • Beforehand I need to focus on self-care; eating better and moving more
  • I need to spend time with the Powerpoint slides and come to love them as if they are my own
  • Having a helper is invaluable
  • It’s better not to stock up on chocolate biscuits (well no one else seemed to be eating them …)
  • Small groups work brilliantly and each individual gets huge benefit
  • I need to do more of this training because I LOVE IT

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