Bespoke Workshops

The Positive Impact of EFT in the workplace

  • Facilitates enhanced performance
  • Delivers improved results
  • Reduces sickness absence
  • Promotes individual, partnership and corporate potential

How EFT may benefit YOUR business

  • Human Resource managers may see few working days lost through sickness absences from stress, injury, back pain and illness
  • Natural health practitioners may see better, faster and more effective, long-term results for their clients
  • NHS GP practices may discover useful techniques to benefit both staff and patients in their day-to day lives, work and health. Emotional Freedom Technique is currently eligible for more research under NICE guidelines
  • Business owners, from therapeutic practitioners to IT services, plumbers to retailers and any and all in between, who may be struggling to realise the business of their dreams may discover , and then learn to clear, the blocks that thwart them leading them to achieve the true potential of their business and themselves

 What next?

  • A bespoke course for you and your group, learning EFT with a group of like-minded colleagues or associates
    • An hour long talk and demonstration
    • A half or full day introduction
    • More in-depth training

The group dynamic can really add to the learning experience and be incredibly powerful.

Examples of workshops available

  • Well-being in the corporate world. Introduce EFT as a self-help tool for your staff, and the benefits to your company with a reduction in sick-days and a happier workforce.
  • Build a better business using EFT. This can be offered in addition to the on-line four week practice building course, which is perfect for therapists of any discipline.
  • EFT for body-workers, which shows you how to tap into the emotional causes of pain, and will enable you get deep, long-lasting results for your patients, as well as giving them a self-help tool between sessions
  • Introduction to EFT for psychotherapists, counsellors and hypnotherapists, demonstrating the power of EFT in talking therapy
  • An introduction to working gently with trauma using EFT for all therapists involved with PTSD and CPTSD clients
  • The connection between adverse childhood experiences and chronic disease, for doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners with an interest in the mind/body connection
  • Other courses can be created specifically for the requirements of your group

Requirements for talks & bespoke training courses

  • A comfortable space
  • Access to a screen for slides (a large, visible television is sufficient)
  • Refreshments
  • A break-out room can be advantageous but is not essential


The cost of bespoke talks and training is dependent upon

  • Number of attendees
  • Requirement for handouts/course manuals/reference guides
  • Follow up support required
  • Location & cost of travel
  • Your specifications and objectives


I will endeavour to deliver a quote which includes ALL costs, including travel, accommodation if required, handouts as well as the actual training. It may be subject to change if travel costs vary greatly between quoting and booking.

If you would like me to quote for your group training, please call me or email with the following information

  • Proposed training date(s)
  • Venue and facilities available
  • Number of attendees
  • Your objectives from the talk or training
  • Any post-training requirements
  • On-going support and follow-up

About Mary-Jane

With a background in the corporate world, and having built a successful therapy business, Mary-Jane now combines training with coaching and working with a limited number of clients on a one to one basis.